Jon Carter

Jon Carter

Owner - Operations Director, Admissions

Jon Carter was raised on his family farm located near Heart Mountain, Powell Wyoming, and the current home of Heart Mountain New Beginnings. He had many responsibilities as a young boy from irrigating crops to caring for livestock. Jon has always been an outgoing individual and was involved in many extracurricular activities. He was the president of his 4-H Club, Wyoming State Sheep Showman, wrestling team captain, and a four-year letterman. Jon has worked with youth his whole life, from 4-H junior leaders in High School; to coaching five to eighteen year olds in USA wrestling for nineteen years. Jon is a Bronze Certified Coach with the National Coaches Education Program. He has been a substitute teacher in the local Junior High School, and has been actively involved in the education of his own three children. After receiving his JC degree from Northwest College in 1978, he married his wife Gael and took over the family farm in 1980. During his fifteen year farming career, Jon hosted and mentored several young men through the Work Exchange Abroad Program. He taught young men from Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Poland and Ireland. Jon has raised and worked with horses for most of his life. He has extensive experience riding and packing horses in the surrounding mountains. Jon is always looking for an opportunity to educate and can identify an abundance of flora and fauna in the surrounding areas. He is an avid learner and a jack of all trades. He has knowledge of mechanics, welding, carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, concrete, and is a talented horse trainer. Jon found his calling when he was employed by an area youth program. He lived with the boys on a daily basis and soon discovered he could make a difference in the lives of the young men in his care. Although the job was very demanding, Jon found it to be incredibly gratifying. Although very satisfied with the rewards of the work, Jon felt there was more he could do for the boys and their families. With this in mind, he started Heart Mountain New Beginnings where he can focus on building men of integrity through education, teaching trade skills, work ethic, Christian values. He can support parents through extensive parent education, and help insure success with a unique aftercare program. Jon and Gael started Heart Mountain New Beginning in 2006.

Paul Hopper

Direct Care Staff / Spiritual Mentor

I was born and raised in Wyoming. Most of my life I’ve spent right here in Cody Wyoming.
After graduating Cody High School in 1994 I worked in the customer service industry until taking a job at “Sonlight Shelter”. “Sonlight Shelter” was a Christian group home designed for at risk teenagers. I worked there for 5 years before deciding in 2002 that I should further my education. After one year at Northwest College, in Powell Wyoming, I transferred to “Trinity International University” in Deerfield IL. where I majored in Biblical Studies.
After finishing at “Trinity” I received an offer to return home, to the Cody/Powell area, and pastor the church that I had grown up in. I have been pastoring there for nearly 11 years now.
Four years ago, I married my wife Tabitha and together we have our one child, Thomas.
I’ve always missed working with at teens since leaving “Sonlight Shelter”. God has placed it in my heart to help guide young people towards productive adult lives. With that being said, I’ve youth pastored in a couple different locations before becoming a senior pastor.
When I heard about “Heart Mountain New Beginnings” I put my name out there to fill a role if one would ever be needed. That eventually did happen and now I enjoy pastoring along with being out here at “Heart Mountain New Beginnings”.

Gael Carter

Owner - Administrator

Gael was born in a rural community in upstate NY. Gael had an early love of horses and began English riding lessons at the age of six. Her parents gave her a horse when she was twelve years old. Jubilee had to be stabled a mile from her home, so Gael quickly learned the value of a bicycle. Gael was entirely responsible for the care of Jubilee and made the trip daily. This experience instilled within Gael the values of responsibly, dedication and hard work. During high school Gael was a four year member of her schools soccer team. As a senior she was named Most Valuable Player of the team which had a record of 14-1. After graduation Gael headed west to Northwest College in Powell, WY to study pre-veterinary medicine. In 1980 she made plans to transfer to Montana State University, but her plans changed when her soon to be husband asked her to marry. Together they took over the family farm on Heart Mountain. They farmed together for fifteen years and were blessed with three wonderful children. Their two oldest children both have Master‘s degrees, are married and live and work in Powell. They both have two sons. Jon and Gael’s youngest is a Journeyman Electrician. Gael believes that the family farm environment provides the ideal setting for raising responsible, hard working, well rounded young adults. In 1980 Gael started J Bar G Quarter Horses. It wasn’t long before she had a full breeding operation with the purchase of a stallion and several mares. At the peak of her operation she managed three stallions and over fifty mares in one season. Gael became a licensed race horse trainer in the late eighties and raced horses in Montana. In 1992 she owned and raised the Champion two-year old filly for the state of Wyoming.

Jesse Fowler

Direct Care Staff

Natasha McColl


Natasha McColl MA. PPC. CAP is a provisionally licensed counselor with 13 years of experience in addiction work. After working as a certified addiction practitioner at a local hospital, she decided to expand her focus to mental health. Natasha has studied theology and counseling at a graduate level. She is well versed in the cultural counseling and enjoys the integration of spirituality and counseling. Natasha lives in Wyoming with her husband and three children. She works part-time in a private practice. Her family enjoys camping, hiking, and fishing. Since she lives so close to Yellowstone and surrounding mountain ranges, her family spends as much time as possible in the great outdoors!

Jim Shorb

Music Instructor

Jim started playing both guitar and bass guitar in high school. After retirement, Jim studied music theory at the Berklee School of Music in Boston, MA. He formed the duo, Cimarron, with partner, Susan Watkins in 2011. Cimarron performs covers and original compositions. Jim plays lead guitar, bass guitar, rhythm guitar and backing vocals. Jim lives in Cody, Wyoming on the Heart Strings Ranch with his wife, many horses, dog and cats. His main musical influences are The Beatles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Beethoven. He enjoys various styles of music including rock,blues and country.

Larry Mayo

Equine Director/ Direct Care Staff

Originally from Indiana, but grew up in Florida owning and riding horses. Larry worked for the Florida state veterinarian for racing where his interest in the sport developed. Larry became a licensed trainer at Gulf Stream Park in 1971, winning his first race there. He raced horses for the next thirty-five years across seventeen states, competing against many top trainers. Larry then owned a breeding and foaling farm managing client investments for some of the top breeders in the country. He then became involved with 4-H and began helping kids gain an appreciation in raising, showing and winning at the local fairs. Once his children were grown, he closed his farm. Looking for a way to give back for the good life God had given him, he turned his interest to helping troubled youth. He took classes in crisis prevention and intervention, CPR, first aid, responsible parenting, emergency intake and emotional trauma classes.Over the past year Larry worked with troubled youth in Arizona. HMNB is proud to have Larry as a vital team member in our equine program..

Tyler England

Teacher/ Direct Care Staff