parent program for troubled boys

AAs a parent of a boy enrolled in HMNB, you are expected to participate in our parent program for troubled boys. Experience has taught us that great benefits for the family can occur while your boy is in our care. This is a time for you to step back and look at many areas of your lives as well; some aspects of which may have had a significant impact on your son’s behavior. The parent program is designed to teach you how to implement the philosophy and practices of HMNB at home. This provides consistency when your son returns to you. The highest level of success comes when parents enthusiastically participate in and complete the parent program.

Our parents use:
Family Bridge – Improving Parenting Skills to Strengthen Your Family

For more information on our parent program, contact our admissions office now at (307) 254 1982 or by filling out the contact us tab. .

Parent References:

We have many parents willing to talk with any interested clients. If you are interested in our program and would like to visit with the parents of a past or present student, please contact us by calling (307) 254 1982 or by filling out the contact us tab.