Individual Academic Help

Academic Programs

Academic excellence is a main goal at HMNB. We understand that a high school education is paramount in the success of all students. For this reason, we work with an accredited transcript program. Your tuition includes up to four credits per semester.

Junior High School and Senior High School

BYU Independent Study offers a fully accredited high school transcript program. Students enrolled in this program may also have the opportunity to complete courses for college credit. Earned credits through independent study are generally transferable to other educational institutions.

Your son will start school at Heart Mountain New Beginnings in a highly structured and supervised home environment. BYU final exams will be taken and proctored at our local college.

Penn Foster High School

Penn Foster High School is both regionally and nationally accredited for its online learning program. These forms of accreditation mean that Penn Foster has met the high standards required by these bodies. We operate with the highest level of integrity, so our graduates can benefit from an accredited online high school.

Work Program

It is the desire of HMNB to give our students all of the tools they will need to succeed in life. One of the most valuable and often most overlooked of these is a strong work ethic. In today’s society there is a shortage of skilled tradesmen. We understand the extreme importance of academics, but also know the value of trade skills. For this reason, all students at HMNB will have the opportunity to work in a variety of trades. Our goal is to expose them to as wide a range of career opportunities as possible. Students may have the opportunity to work with skilled tradesman in the community to develop a working knowledge in a particular field.

While it is crucial to develop a good work ethic; it is also important that the boys find work that makes them happy and fits with their values and desires. For this reason, students are observed closely to determine their interests and aptitudes. Students may also be given an aptitude test to determine their interests and a work program will be tailored to fit these (when available and appropriate).

Community Service

Students at HMNB participate in a wide range of community service opportunities. The focus of this is two-fold. They provide a service to the community and help people that are in need; maybe more important however, the boys learn the value of giving of themselves. The boys realize that the rewards of their labor need not always be financial.

Daily Chores

All boys are given daily chores that they are expected to complete. The success of the program depends on these chores being completed properly and in a timely fashion. Boys encourage each other to complete their chores so the group can enjoy the fruits of their labors. Boys learn that there are things in life we all must do that we may not enjoy and do not get paid for.

Physical Education

Boys go through a step by step, year round physical education program that is structured to teach them the advantages of staying physically fit and active. During the winter months they will participate in the USA Wrestling program. Wrestling teaches them discipline, mental agility, and self-esteem.

Music Program

Every student that comes to HMNB is provided with a quality guitar and given the opportunity to learn his instrument. Our instructor provides a two hour lesson every Monday, and the boys practice throughout the week in preparation for local events and church performances. Many of our students thrive in this program and expand their musical talents learning to play additional instruments. We have found that this program helps build self-esteem and provides an invaluable therapeutic outlet.

For more information on our academic programs, contact our admissions office now at (307) 254 1982 or by filling out the contact us tab. .