Yes, you can learn more by going to the Admissions/Loans page.

Yes, there are several teen transport agencies available to assist you. See our admissions page for recommended agencies.

The admissions process usually moves very quickly. The time from application to enrollment is typically less than two weeks.

While boys enrolled in only one 40 day session may not have the opportunity to receive their school material,they will take a study skills class worth 1/2 credit. All boys will participate in school daily. Most boys come to HMNB behind in school and are able to catch up while here.

Yes, all staff members receive training in both First Aid and CPR.

Yes, every staff member must submit to an extensive range of background checks from both state and federal levels before being eligible for employment.

No, while the best way to determine if HMNB is suitable for your son is to contact admissions; the boys safety and well-being is our number one priority. We will not accept any admissions that could pose a threat to our students.

The best way to determine this is by contacting our admissions department. Some drugs or abuse patterns require detoxification prior to admittance to HMNB. Our admissions staff can explain this in greater detail and make appropriate recommendations for your son.

Yes, our staff members are trained in the safe handling of medications and will administer them to your son. All medications are kept locked securely at all times. The owners have personal experience with type 1 and 2 diabetes also.

Yes, HMNB is licensed by the State of Wyoming, Department of Family Services. Certificate No.: 12282006

HMNB does not affiliate itself with any denomination. We provide treatment from a Christian prospective with a biblical base and are open to boys from all faiths.

While some insurance companies will pay for part of the HMNB fees, many will not. It is up to you to check with your insurance company. HMNB is glad to work with you on this. Please contact us if your insurance company requests additional information on our program.

Contact our admissions department to complete a short interview. Our highly trained admissions staff will guide you through the rest of the admissions process.

Boys can be enrolled for any number of 40 day terms, however we see the most long-term success with boys that complete the eighteen month, extended treatment program.


HMNB utilizes a positive, incentive based discipline program. We use the power of positive reinforcement and natural consequences such as ranch work when a young man loses his enthusiasm in the classroom.

4-H is a youth organization that offers kids the opportunity to learn life skills that they can benefit from for the rest of their lives. For more information please visit the 4-H website.