Dear Mr Jon,

I’d like to send my thanks for the benefits the HMNB program has provided to us and our son. Just as importantly, we want you to know how much we appreciate the immense personal effort you put into the support and growth of the boys in the program, and in particular, our son.

I suppose that like most parents that have sent their sons to HMNB, we had run out of other options to help our son. We had run through two therapists, made significant changes to our parenting approach, tried screening friends and activities, made “formal” agreements with our son, and everything else we could do to help pull him off of the destructive track he was on. However, his situation only became worse and worse.

In retrospect, I can tell that the healing process began immediately at HMNB, with the “process” being the key point. Layer upon layer of issues had accumulated. Each needed to be identified and its effects stripped away to get down to the good kid that was still in there. I am so impressed with the consistent, caring, and level-headed approach HMNB has implemented, and how it succeeded in moving our son past the issues that were pulling him in such a negative direction.

We are also impressed with how the collaboration between the program therapist and councilors resulted in therapist sessions that produced positive results. In comparison, sessions with therapists and also a psychiatrist before putting our son into the program were largely ineffective. Sessions at HMNB produced the breakthroughs he needed. I believe that the combination of the effectiveness of the therapists working with the councilors and program was a key factor.

While all that was happening in the program, our son was presented with many challenges and experiences that did so much to help build up his confidence in himself. Some of those challenges fell into the “tough love” category, but now he looks back and foremost sees the benefits. He appreciates that ultimately he met those challenges and found what it took to help him move ahead. Sometimes he relied on his vastly improved physical condition, and sometimes it was his re-discovered faith.

While all of this was happening, the parent program along with updates on our son were tremendously helpful for us as parent. At the beginning, we were trying to understand what went wrong and what we might have done or missed along the way. The parent program gave us a format to evaluate what we had done as parents with our whole family and find ways to make improvements.

Our son has been home for several weeks. We continue to be amazed with the transformation. We are very thankful for the fresh start that we only could hope and pray for previously. The way that you all continue to care for our son means a lot to us as parents and also our son. We are excited, happy, and blessed. Thank you!

Jeff Parent