Helping At-Risk Youth

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What Heart Mountain New Beginnings Does:

Helping At-Risk Youth

Heart Mountain New Beginnings (HMNB) builds men of integrity while helping at-risk youth. We are a program for at-risk boys; that offers a unique experiential learning opportunity. We help teenaged boys who have gone down the wrong path and those who are about to. Based on Christian principles and philosophies, our program for troubled boys teaches respect and concern for all people, including themselves. Through caring for the land they develop a sense of responsibility for the world. By interacting with animals, primarily horses, these at risk youth discover tenderness and a compassion that has been buried inside them. Heart Mountain New Beginnings is a non-denominational, Christian program for at risk youth and is open to boys of all faiths or those with no religious background.

What Heart Mountain New Beginnings does not do?

While helping at-risk youth, we desire to help as many young men as possible but our number one priority is the safety of the boys in our care. For this reason, we will not accept troubled youth with certain histories. Some of these are described below.

Heart Mountain New Beginnings is not a detoxification facility for excessive substance abuse issues. Any student requiring this treatment will need to complete detoxification prior to making application to our program.

We are not a correctional facility. Boys with extensive criminal backgrounds or those with felony convictions will not be accepted.

More disqualifying factors may include; psychosis, certain behavioral disorders, sexual disorders, extreme use of certain drugs and/or violent tendencies.

The admissions staff at HMNB is ready to help you determine the suitability of your boy for our program. Call our admissions office now to schedule an interview and obtain the answers to any questions you may have.

For more information on how our program can start helping at-risk youth immediately, contact our admissions office now at 307.254.1982 or by filling out the contact us tab.