Helping at risk boys in the wilderness

Helping Troubled Boys.  2006-2020

Heart Mountain New Beginnings (HMNB) is a Boys Ranch dedicated to helping and changing the lives of troubled boys. We are located in Powell Wyoming and accept boys between the ages of 12-17. Established in 2006, we offer a family ranch-style type of living. “Family” living is what your son will experience – he will live in a real house on the ranch with home-cooked meals eaten around the family dining table. He will have a home like environment with a bedroom, pets, many outdoor activities and chores. We pride ourselves in not being an institutional type facility. If you are looking for a program that is as individualized as your son please                 Call: 307-254-1982

Why We Are Different From The Rest

Your son will receive individualized care instead of being lost in the crowd of a large facility.

We use everything at our disposal to reverse your sons negative behaviors; mother nature, individualized treatment, physical fitness, therapy, wilderness adventures, church, equine, farming, gardening, community service, self-esteem building, music, leadership skills, personalized academic help, vocational skills, discovering their passions and much more. Your son cannot hide in our program, he will be an active participant insuring greater success. Our program allows each boy to work on his individual issues and conquer his goals.

Students that come to our program from larger institutions say that our TRUE hands-on approach really makes the difference.

Many of our students come to realize the value of an education and go on to attend college or trade school.

Large sized programs may expose your son to students with severe criminal or emotional issues.

Our staff really cares about your son, its not just a job. They are interested in helping him have a lifetime of success.

We address their spiritual needs and help them in finding purpose in life.

Call: 307-254-1982 or fill out the contact us tab at the top of this page for more information.

Become Men of Integrity

During their stay at HMNB the boys begin to look at the role they have played in their own families, and develop an appreciation for what they have taken for granted. At HMNB we specialize in helping each boy develop teamwork and leadership skills, accountability, respect for themselves and others, along with positive skills and attitudes that will assist them in making good decisions in their lives and become Men of Integrity.

To attain this, we never have more than 10 boys at a time. This allows us to focus more attention on your son’s individual needs. Our supervision of him is a constant, our understanding of his uniqueness grows, and we are able to set before him challenges and goals that are as individual as he is. We can develop individualized therapy and academic plans tailored to your son’s needs.

HMNB Boys Ranch At A Glance: For At-Risk Boys

  • Located in northern Wyoming, just outside Yellowstone National Park
  • Accepting boys between the ages of 12 and 17
  • Small, family-oriented with no more than 10 boys
  • Strong parent program
  • Six-tier system of advancement
  • Nationally accredited Education program
  • Training in a variety of vocational skills
  • Involved with our community and community service
  • Interdenominational with emphasis on Christian values

If your son is struggling in school, is exhibiting rebellious behaviors, has ADHD, or just doesn’t fit into society’s “round peg” system, then our program may be what you are looking for.

We pride ourselves on being a small intensive program providing powerful tools like individualized care and therapy in a ranch setting, Christian values, strong academics, access to the majestic Rocky Mountains, and qualified caring staff.

If you are looking for a safe, quality program with a proven record of success in helping troubled boys, please give us a call for more information. (307) 254 1982 or by filling out the contact us tab at the top of this page.

Our program centers on assisting at-risk boys discover who they are, how they arrived at this juncture in their lives, and how they are going to continue their lives as Men of Integrity. To do this, we enlist the aid of those who know them best – their mothers and fathers. HMNB offers discounts to those families that participate in our Parent Program. Acknowledging that family dynamics often play a role in how a boy responds to the world, we ask the parents to take this opportunity to examine what has happened in their families and learn the positive steps they can take to ensure a homecoming filled with promise, not suspense. Few programs offer this assistance to families, yet, here at HMNB, we consider it a vital part of our family-based approach. See our Parent Page to learn more about this unique program for helping troubled boys.
For more information on how we can help with your troubled boy’s new beginning (the start of the rest of his life), contact our admissions office now at  (307) 254 1982 or by filling out the contact us tab at the top of this page.